2008 Gastdocent CAD Brussel, Architectuur

2007 opening 2e kantoor Lens°ass architecten te Brussel

2004-2007 Gastdocent St. Lucas Gent en Brussel, Architectuur

1996–2004 Lid van verschillende jury’s and workshops (St. Lucas Brussels, St. Lucas Gent, Kath Hogeschool Mechelen, Van de Velde instituut Antwerpen, Departement architecture Hasselt) en lid van verschillende jury’s van wedstrijden

1995 Lens°Ass architecten

1989-1994 architect Immobiliën HK Kredietbank

1986-1989 M.Jaspers & partrners architects

1982-1984 Jo Spaas, St-Huybrechts-Lille

The path of tangible atmosphere.
‘Architecture is more than simply producing images, spaces and thinking of technical solutions. It is a far more complex process in which one looks for a synthesis on various levels of scale, from the town planning dimension up to the careful detailing of every part of a building. The financial aspects and technical pre-conditions have their repercussions on the final result. As far as the creative process is concerned, many years have passed since the architect was someone who possessed specialist knowledge in every aspect of the building process. An architect does need to have the capacity and knowledge to direct the building process, and to ensure that the whole becomes more than the sum of the parts.

The acquisition of the art of architecture, an expression one hardly dares to use these days, is the mastery of the 'art'; the art of bringing together a multiplicity of very varied factors into a final result that is more than the delivery of some square metres of usable surface area. In order to go beyond the purely functional the architect needs to introduce themes into his work. This can happen in a variety of ways, in the area of compositional options or in the area of use of materials. Turning a concept into reality requires a great deal of energy, mastery in holding on to the essential and the ability to make the design explicit in the final result. The architect's work cannot remain fixated in free-form intellectualised concepts, simply applying fanciful and superficial ideas. One's total attention is directed towards that which is solid; transforming an idea into a tangible and surprising visual whole remains the main preoccupation. There is a story to tell with each design, but the story is always dominated by making something solid, the tangible final result where one does not forget to create a specific atmosphere’.

Dr. Willemsstraat 19

Ausgezeichnete Bauten

Weitere Projekte

Das Innere des Hauses überrascht mit seiner Aussicht.
Foto © Bieke Claessens
Blick in das Innere des Ziegeltunnels, der die Gebäude des Gehöfts verbindet.
Foto © Philippe van Gelooven
Das \"Kaninchenloch\" führt in den Innenhof.
Foto © Philippe van Gelooven
\"Brick is not solely used as a building material, but also as a concept reinforcing the existing structure - brick as 'linking' element between the past and the present.\" - Bart Lens
Foto © Philippe van Gelooven, Hasselt
Das auffällige Ziegeldach des Tunnels ist von Weitem erkennbar.
Foto © Andri Haflidason
Treppe und Ziegelhaustür bilden einen ungewöhnlichen Eingangsbereich.
Foto © Philippe van Gelooven
Foto © Philippe van Gelooven
Foto © Philippe van Gelooven
\"Bricks are like water. It's the way of presentation, that makes it tasteful.\" - Bart Lens
Foto © Philippe van Gelooven
Das Stadthaus von seiner Eingangsseite.
Foto © Philippe van Gelooven